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L-TAC service enables a Tactical UHF Satellite (TACSAT) experience for both military and non-military government radio network users, through the combination of Inmarsat’s L-band satellite network, a Slingshot frequency converter and a Spectra portable L-band antenna.


  • Designed to support in-service radios Supports UHF & VHF military and commercial frequencies
  • Approved for Inmarsat I-4 constellation
  • Omni-directional antennas
  • Complements existing military capacity
  • Utilises narrow beams, regional beams, customised beams and relocatable beams
  • Lease airtime for a minimum of 1 month
  • Standard lease provides 25kHz Channel
  • Data enabled 1 x Wideband or 5 x ANDVT channels
  • HPW and ViaSat proven up to 56kbps


  • Keep existing technology and security
  • Network interoperability
  • Resilient beyond line of sight worldwide connectivity
  • End users can prioritise traffic access between military and commercial satellite networks
  • Maximum flexibility in high tempo and concurrent operations
  • Excellent cost optimisation

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