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CyphreLink is a fully-managed service that provides Global 360º data security protection for sensitive and proprietary information transiting any network. Operating as an over-the-top application, this powerful solution provides virtually unassailable encryption for data in-transit, network certificates, and encryption keys by establishing a highly-secure connection between trusted end points. With CyphreLink, enterprises can be ensured that the secure connection across satellite, fixed, or wireless networks can be done with greater flexibility and agility than traditional connections. Connections are protected from man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks and unauthorised eavesdropping. This allows enterprises to leverage virtually any network efficiently and cost-effectively.


Hardware-based Encryption
CyphreLink is not vulnerable to hacks that impact traditional security, software-based technologies, and consumer devices

Always-On Protection
It does not require a threat to be detected in order to protect data

No User Action Required
It ensures protection cannot be disabled by employees and contractors

Zero Overhead, Zero Latency
It improves speed and security while reducing cost.

Full Compliance
Whether it is with business security, industry standards or government regulations

Future-Proof Solution
It is not impacted by old software, patches, and other security gaps



CyphreLink provides virtually limitless protection for satellite communications:

• Virtual tunnel from remote assets from satellite to teleports
• Full protection regardless of security of the link and terrestrial hardware
• Intra-site network traffic encrypted and secured
• Perpetually future-proof as no patching or upgrades are required
• Easily incorporated into an enterprise’s existing data protection, key management and access control technologies

Deployment Flexibility


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