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VSAT Backup

Having continuous access to communications services is a vital part of any businesses. Sometimes, unforeseen events such as cable cut cable or terrestrial connectivity outages can knock out conventional network connections to your sites. The impact can be significant – costing businesses millions of revenues, incurring support cost and loss of data.

In the event of an outage, you can count on Singtel VSAT Backup Service for continuous secure and reliable connectivity. Working jointly with your terrestrial links, our backup service offers true business continuity.

Singtel VSAT Backup Service will suit businesses that require backup plans to ensure communication continuity when terrestrial links fail. We expect to see usage in industries such as:

· Broadcast and Media
· Energy and Utilities
· Healthcare
· Humanitarian relief
· Mining


· Coverage – High performance C and Ku-band backup covering Southeast Asia, Pacific Islands and Middle East
· Bandwidth – Choose either 2Mbps or 5Mbps depending on your requirements
· Reliability – Service can be activated within 2 hours*
· Cost – Affordable monthly recurring cost and pay-per use scheme for bandwidth usage
· Customer Support – managed and supported 24/7 by a team of professional technical personnel


*Terms and conditions apply.

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