Satellite data communications solutions
catering to your different needs

From business continuity to disaster recovery, the last thing you should be worrying about is connectivity.

Singtel Satellite Recovery is an occasional-use satellite link service that delivers seamless connectivity when required. Users subscribe to a monthly fee and only pay for the usage when the satellite link is activated. This gives you the flexibility you need to complement your existing communication infrastructure.

This service covers most of Middle East, East Asia and Asia Pacific.

Singtel’s Sat IP Recovery Service is suitable for:

  • Customers who currently have fibre connectivity and are looking for an alternative backup in the event of a fiber cut.
  • Distance learning which takes place for a few days
  • Government agencies which need backup for mission critical operations
  • Non-Governmental Organisations’ disaster recovery purposes
  • Enterprise customers with predictable usage (such as mining sites that only transfer data once a month)


  • Low monthly subscription to secure satellite service when needed
  • Pay only when you use, resulting in more savings
  • Fixed daily rate for unlimited daily usage (No bill shock)
  • Billing only after service is completed
  • For more information on satellite coverage and available plans, click here  for our brochure.

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