Singtel Satellite provides various
fixed satellite services to meet specific client needs

To stayFixed Satellite Services – Singtel Satellite on top of the competition while maintaining production, on-site efficiency, and increased security, businesses should ensure they have high speed and reliable communications.

Fortunately, businesses and Internet Service Providers (ISP) are empowered to deliver data, multimedia content and VoIP applications to audiences across the globe with Singtel’s Corporate VSAT, Satellite IP, and Satellite Trunking services.

We offer satellite data communications solutions catering to your different needs for dedicated or shared bandwidth, giving you a competitive edge in your business. Linked to our Tier 1 Internet backbone and award winning international MPLS network, help your business reach places beyond physical boundaries.

Guaranteed and Reliable Reception

With our Fixed-Satellite Services (FSS), we can help you transmit satellite communications between stations at fixed locations, especially in remote areas where there is no terrestrial network. The information is carried through radio frequency signals. Since FSS systems are permanently installed, our service can provide you with guaranteed and reliable reception within a wide area.

Whether you have a few sites or hundreds, our Fixed-Satellite Services provide a solution for your IP-based communications requirements even in hard-to-reach areas. Our powerful Ku, C, and Ex-C beams cover many parts of the world, including the Asia-Pacific region, Africa, Middle East and parts of Europe.

Regardless of your requirements, our Fixed Satellite Services provide affordable, reliable, and high-speed satellite Internet services that will meet your needs.

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