Transport & Logistics

The increased mobility in today’s world has afforded us the ability to access areas that were once considered inaccessible. This has been made possible with transport, which has become one of the pillars that makes up the infrastructure of a functioning society.

Its essential nature has brought us utmost convenience in our daily routines and has given businesses the opportunity to conduct operations beyond territorial boundaries.


Your Challenge

With the advent of transportation systems that have rendered everyone to be increasingly interconnected with one another, several problems are bound to rise. Traffic congestion becomes a prime concern that can impact productivity levels or service standards according to customers’ expectations. On the environmental front, the transport industry has been seen to be a major contributor to the global change in climate. At the same time, unforeseen accidents are a primary concern that may cause delays in service, or in the worst case scenarios, irrecoverable loss.


Our Solutions

As the leading satellite services operator in the industry for more than 45 years, we are proud to take advantage of the latest space-based technology, offering solutions to meet the existing problems in the transport & logistics industry.

Singtel Satellite offers you the option to increase mobility while reducing the problems that come with it. Our solutions are backed by research and innovation, with the use of advanced services such as machine-to-machine communication, in-cab messaging, and telemetry which help to improve efficiency in relaying messages between transport managers and their fleet, foreseeing any potential operational delays and giving you ample time to prevent them.

Low data M2M services such as the IsatPhone 2 Vehicular Antenna are well suited for this industry. Having tracking devices mounted on the assets, it will make tracking and management of assets much easier.

If communications in a moving vehicle is an issue in isolated areas, the IsatPhone 2 Vehicular Antenna system will come in handy. This vehicular active antenna could be easily mounted on the vehicle providing a constant ‘line-of-sight’ to the global satellite network. The personnel working in isolated areas can continue to use IsatPhone 2 while driving their vehicle, keeping them in touch, safe and productive.

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