As one of the largest telcos in the world with more than 130 years of experience in telecommunications, Singtel is confident to say that we understand your needs and requirements thoroughly.

As an ISP or Telco, the connection to the Tier-1 Internet Backbone is at the core of your business. Your customers expect fast, economical and worldwide connectivity all the time. Failing to deliver the internet connection efficiently will negatively impact your revenues and reputation.


Your Challenge

In numerous parts of the world, there is no reliable terrestrial network infrastructure or there is no such infrastructure at all. At the same time, as global communication advances, your customers’ standards and service-level demands rise as well.


Our Solution

Singtel Satellite communication platform bridges global connectivity gaps, without the need to deploy expensive infrastructure. We provide a wide variety of solutions via our satellite.

Whether you need a primary link to your internet backbone, or want to create a reliable redundancy to your terrestrial connection, we can tailor a reliable and cost-effective solution for you.

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