As a leading satellite operator with a global coverage, Singtel offers satellite capacity and a managed end-to-end satellite data communications solution for the Government sector.

The government deployments such as military, crisis/disaster rescue and privacy prevention in the land & sea environment rely on robust, portable radio terminals to provide all-informed communications for command, control and coordination of dispersed teams throughout Asia.


Your Challenge

However, when operational distances extend beyond line of sight, the normal workhorse VHF terminals face range limitations and are unable to meet the capability requirement without the use of rebroadcast (or relay) stations. This can often lead to teams being isolated, which can compromise the safety and lives of frontline personnel and restricts the communication outreach to the vast Asia landscape.


Our Solution

We are able to deliver new, highly innovative Beyond Line of Sight Communication military-graded solutions which are easy-to-use, very small form factored, lightweight and consume low power, with global satellite network access to support government applications in Asia. This solution utilises existing radio hardware, sovereign encryption and independent of local & additional infrastructure with minimum CAPEX.

Loss of communications is not an option for any government organisations. X-band satellite capacity is reserved exclusively for military and government organisations and is used for mission critical, sensitive command and control communications systems. It provides all the benefits of commercial bands, with an added resilience to rain fade and interference. If you are looking for high-power capacity and availability, X-band is the ideal choice.

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