Energy is one of the industries facing the most challenges in today’s world. Depletion of natural resources, a rising demand and global economic pressure points have driven companies to search for new exploration sites and develop new projects in remote and often inaccessible or unfamiliar grounds and volatile environments.


Your Challenge

Remote facilities, pipelines and other components in your infrastructure are often unmanned and located in remote locations. Yet, their continuous operation is vital for your business and your customers’ quality of life. We understand that energy and utilities companies often need constant monitoring in remote locations, to get real-time status information to ensure smooth operation. However, it is always a challenge to stay connected in a large scale operation with many isolated locations where there is no terrestrial broadband infrastructure.


Our Solution

Singtel Satellite satellite-based private networks and VSAT solutions bridge communication gaps with reliable, broadband connections directly from any location.

Singtel Satellite Private Network and VSAT services provide cost-effective solutions for energy and utilities operations. Our extensive satellite communication platform, offering C-band and KU-band coverage, provides uninterrupted, reliable connections. Our cost-effective service is based on an off-the-shelf, easy to use broadband connectivity platform covering Africa, Middle East and Asia. We offer turn-key projects including design, planning, implementation, operation and on-going support ensuring fast and effective initial deployment, expansion and swift problem resolutions.

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