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In the world of banking and finance, reliability and security are critical. With many transactions taking place across multiple branches, you need a reliable and secure communication platform to deliver sensitive and timely information. In addition, the communication solution must be able to scale with your business growth, and effectively accommodate increasing data volumes and provide connectivity to remote branches and ATMs.


Your Challenge

Banks and financial institutions have to connect remote branches to core networks at a cost-effective way. You need a reliable and secure communication solution to deliver high volumes of critical transactions. We understand that connecting multiple branches securely and effectively –  including locations with no terrestrial communication infrastructure – is vital to your business.


Our Solution

Our satellite-based private networks and VSAT Systems solutions bridge communication gaps with reliable, broadband connections directly from any location cost effectively.

Our extensive satellite connectivity offers you C-band and KU-band coverage, and delivers your transactions securely and reliably.

Singtel Satellite provides a great user experience for all services including voice and data. We offer turn-key projects including planning, design, implementation, operation and support allowing you to have peace of mind and to focus on your core business.

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