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“Singtel Satellite solutions is one of our foremost communication systems.
I don’t think we can find a better solution to support our research work.
It is strategic and key to our effectiveness, as our researchers strive
to enhance our understanding of earthquake mechanisms day by day.”
- Dr Banerjee, Technical Director, EOS

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Global Satellite & ICT Provider

Singtel Satellite is Asia’s leading provider of one stop satellite communications and ICT solutions, driving innovations to meet voice and digital challenges in Fixed and Mobile Satellite segments on both land and at sea.

We offer a range of services to meet the growing demand for fast and reliable connectivity for businesses. It is our goal to bridge the communication gap between companies and their customers and remote sites. Whether you need voice, data or mobile support for your local and international operation, Singtel has the communications solution for you.

For Your Corporate Communication Needs

Communication is among the most important components of a successful business. Staying connected with workers, partners, and customers is paramount. By offering top-notch satellite services, we give you the chance to expand your reach and create more opportunities to grow your business.

With more than 35 years of experience in fixed satellite services and over 20 years of experience in mobile satellite services, Singtel Satellite is a leading satellite service provider of customized solutions for corporate customers in various industries, such as banking and finance, energy, Telcos, broadcast and government.

How It’s Possible

Supported by three teleports, our communications solutions ensure high-speed connectivity across multiple platforms, including:

  • Fixed Satellite Services
  • Mobile Satellite Services
  • Satellite Broadcast
  • Teleport Services

Our extensive network of PoPs in multiple cities around the world allows us to deliver excellent service and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. Work with us and discover how great it is to work with an experienced satellite telecommunication provider.

Global Connectivity for Businesses

Your business needs a reliable communication infrastructure, which is exactly what Singtel provides. We offer the best coverage through our advanced and well-maintained network. We will set up your system and provide you with unparalleled quality of service and support. Our certified network management centre will monitor your system 24/7 and provide real-time fault report to improve productivity and efficiency.

Grow Your Business

We’d love to see your business grow. You’re free to increase bandwidth and expand your system should your needs change. Our team would be happy to assist you in every phase of the transition period.